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How to Root an Android Device

Benefits of rooting Android device
Rooting your Android device voids its warranty. In addition, you may end up bricking your phone if you exceed the normal rooting parameters.So, there's a root user access, and getting to it is called rooting. But why rooting? What is the purpose? The answer is straight and simple - to be your own boss. By default, the root user is kept hidden, and your user account on an Android is created with limited privileges. Rooting gives you administrative permissions to the file system on your Android.

Here's why you should root your Android device:
  • Run apps that need administrative permissions.
  • Chuck out bloatware - default apps in the device or basic Android apps that you never use and are just sitting there eating away your memory and resources.
  • Google, your carrier and hardware manufacturers are serious procrastinators. They will release updates after updates of Android OS, but they are rolled out to you in a pretty leisurely fashion. Instead of falling behind, root your device, jump onto a good Android developers community online, and get the latest Android updates much before your carrier rolls it out to you.
So how to root your Android device? Well, there are a few different ways to root your Android device, the most popular one being using a third-party rooting software (popularly known as one-click software) to root the device. This method is relatively safe, and most of these software support a range of devices. If your device is a reputed model from a known company, there's a 99.9% chance you'll find it listed. We will be using the same method for rooting here - using the SuperOneClick tool.

DISCLAIMER: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only. Different devices and different OS versions may require different rooting processes. Buzzle will, in no way, be responsible for any adverse effects of rooting.

Rooting an Android
1. First and foremost, backup your data. This is too technical a process to risk your data. Plenty of free apps can be found in the Play Store for the same.

2. Download and install Java JDK and Android SDK on your computer. Android SDK MUST be installed after the Java JDK installation is done.

3. Under Settings Applications Development, tap on USB Debugging to enable debug mode when you connect your Android device to your computer. Now connect your device to your computer using the USB cable provided with it.

4. From here on, the process is fairly simple. Install the SuperOneClick tool on your computer. It supports a long list of devices and is practically flawless in its rooting process.

5. Once you run the SuperOneClick tool, click the Root button and leave it to the tool to perform the rest of the task.

6. Once done, you will see a dialog box that says Root install has completed. Would you like a run test? Click on Yes, and restart your Android device.

7. SuperOneClick will automatically invoke the superuser on your device by installing the Superuser binary.

8. From here on, whenever an app needs root user level permission, it will flash the dialog box that asks you to allow or deny permission to the app, since you are now the superuser! To change privileges and configure app permissions, you can go to the SuperOneClick app.

Should You Root?
If you have the technical know-how, this decision is up to you. There are plenty of unroot tools available too, so if you screw up, it isn't always a dead end. For those who have very basic technical knowledge of mobile OS and stuff, be careful. One-click tools allow you easy and safe rooting options, but you have to decide if you really need to root your device in the first place. Rooting is a risky proposition, in addition to voiding your device's warranty, it may brick your device - turn it into a useless rock forever. Additionally, some apps have loopholes, which can be a serious security concern in a rooted Android environment. Your device, and consequently, your personal data, could be at risk in such a situation.

Weigh the pros and cons properly, hop around the internet and look for what results others with the same device as yours have experienced while rooting, and only then make your decision very carefully.

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