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Why Buy an iPad Instead of a Laptop

If you haven't yet heard of the Apple iPad and the influx of other tablets in the computer world today, then you are truly living in a cave. Apple introduced the iPad in April 2010 and it has changed the face of the long dormant tablet industry completely, and now it is slowly eating into the market for laptops as well. The iPad was originally received with a lot of confusion and many technology writers slated it for an early demise. But what happened after that is something Apple must have envisioned only in their wildest fantasies.

Apple's primary focus was on convincing people that they actually needed an iPad in the first place. After all, smartphones (led by the Apple iPhone) were the primary portable super device of choice, and for things that the smartphone could not do, there was the laptop. Through their superior designing and probing marketing Apple created a space for tablets in the minds of people, and then totally blew them away with the introduction of the beast that is the iPad.

The device sold 3 million units in 80 days, and today its sales are as high as 15 million units. More importantly, the iPad showed people that a tablet does not necessarily need to replace laptops, but it can prove to be a worthy supplement instead. After all, watching movies, surfing the web and playing games on a 3.5" smartphone is only so exciting, and moreover the battery life of these devices severely restricts their performance for heavy duty usage.

The iPad is a multi-functional tablet that you can watch high quality videos on, listen to music on, read Ebooks on, surf the web on and most importantly, create work related documents and files on. The Apple iPad 2 was released earlier this month, and the worthy upgrades on the original iPad have made it an even better proposition. This is evident through the fact that the iPad 2 sold 1 million units in its first weekend, something that took the iPad 28 days to achieve.

Why You Should Buy an iPad Instead of a Laptop

All this leads one to wonder what this means for the laptop industry. The manufacturers are definitely feeling the heat now, and their sales figures are slowly eroding. Here are some of the most commonly discussed reasons for choosing an iPad.
  1. First and foremost, is the weight of the device. The iPad weighs less than 2 pounds, while a standard laptop will weight more than 6 pounds. This makes it easier to carry an iPad around (it is the size of a book) and it also enables one to hold it for long periods without feeling the strain, vis-a-vis a laptop.
  2. The battery life of an iPad is near the 10 hour mark. This is simply amazing considering the fact that a laptop does not last more than 2 - 3 hours on a single charge.
  3. The screen size of an iPad (9.7 inches) is optimized for viewing and surfing. This is the same as most netbooks, so you are not restricted to a smaller sized screen like those of smartphones.
  4. The iPad has a multi-touch screen which makes navigation and scrolling simple and enjoyable. The future of all consumer electronics is the touch-sensitive interface, and the smooth and responsive capacitive touchscreen of the iPad is a joy to work with.
  5. People often complain that typing for long periods is painful on the iPad. This is true but it can be fixed with a slew of great Bluetooth keyboards and other accessories. These accessories look great, and their functionality cannot be underestimated.
  6. The fact that this is an Apple product needs to be stressed upon. You get great designing, great manufacturing, excellent support and an intuitive interface that no other experience can match.
  7. A laptop takes a few minutes to start up, but an iPad can be started instantly with the touch of a button. This is thanks to the flash storage medium, and this is also the reason why the iPad can be so small and yet not eat into the battery.
  8. iOS is one of the best operating systems around, and you also have access to more than 350,000 great web applications from the Apple App Store. These apps are portals to the web, and they perform various tasks for you at the touch of a button.
At the end of the day, you can do all the things that you do on a laptop, on the iPad. And you can do them better. The experience of using an iPad is something that cannot be put into words, and the only way for this technology to progress is forwards. Shockingly, laptop sales seem to have suffered by as much as 50% due to the iPad and other tablets, and tech manufacturers are not crazy for diverting so many resources towards this industry. People have accepted the iPad as the go-to device for portable entertainment, and its functionality is not just restricted to entertainment. In other words, go get an Apple iPad today.

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